The Bicycles and Blueberries blog combines a love for fitness (bicycles) with the pursuit of healthful nutrition (blueberries), yet doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bicycles and Blueberries is the breeze in your hair as you pedal to the farmer’s market. It’s doing morning yoga with friends and strangers while standing on dewy grass and bending our bodies beneath the blue summer sky. It’s the freshly picked peach that is so ripe and dripping and sweet you can’t help smiling as you eat it. Bicycles and Blueberries is about the pursuit of good health through wholesome, mostly seasonal nourishment, tackling a variety of exercise challenges, and having fun with like-minded folks.

The blog’s co-authors, Susan Tormollen and Jennifer Hernandez, have been weekly workout partners since the summer of 2007, when they met at the Hidden Springs Duathalon. Within a week of their introduction the ladies were literally off and running, heading out together for an 8-mile run in order to train for the inaugural Prison Break half marathon in Boise. What started out as two women doing their Saturday long runs together has developed into a friendship that is largely centered on a shared quest to conquer middle age through proven methods like regular exercise and healthful eating while rejecting fad diets and popular anti-aging procedures like Botox injections and plastic surgery.

Since meeting in 2007, the duo’s weekly workouts have included training for the Sawtooth Relay, taking speed work classes from a Boise State track coach, weight lifting at the gym, leisurely summer bicycle rides to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Boise, doing a triathlon, taking dance lessons from a professional modern ballet dancer, Dirty Dash mud runs, hula hoop classes, yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, and other activities intended to prevent middle-aged derrieres from becoming too big. No matter what the exercise, every weekend the two friends enjoy gabbing about everything from new recipes and fitness goals, to work, family, and peaches so ripe they make you giddy.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you’ll visit regularly.


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