Green Smoothie Recipes for Beginners

A green smoothie for beginners who want to “build up” to more robust greens. Includes citrus, romaine lettuce and cucumber.


New Year “Eat Local” Experiment

My friend Janet Hawkins Moore is eating local during the month of January (in Boise, Idaho…not as easy as some more temperate climates). Looking at her first day’s post, it looks like a delicious initiative. When I first saw Janet’s  post about eating local, I thought “Good idea, and since I already do a lot of local…

3 Old-Fashioned Steps to Weight Loss

I’m freaked out about all the weight loss approaches my friends share with me … especially the one with the injected hormone from pregnant womens’ urine. (Eek!) I have 15 pounds to lose, and I have decided to lose it the old-fashioned way. Eat less Exercise more Be patient I’ll keep you updated weekly on my progress. If…