Ease post-holiday bloat with beets, blueberries and chevre

Ease Post-Holiday Bloat with Beets, Blueberries and Chevre

This simple beet-and-blueberry salad will help to relieve swollen fingers, puffy face, and bloated belly.

Garden-fresh beets

The Humble Beet Gets Spiced

When I tell friends and family that I am growing beets in my veggie plot, some of them seem genuinely startled. “You like beets?” they’ll ask skeptically as they wrinkle their noses. In my opinion, the humble beet is one of the most underappreciated vegetables in the garden. I view it as a jewel-colored diamond in…

A different kind of egg salad

A Different Kind of Egg Salad

What to do when your garden is overflowing with lettuce? Besides giving it away to neighbors and friends, you’ll have days when leafy greens are the foundation for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On a recent morning I grabbed handfuls of green and red lettuce from the garden bed, pulled a few green onions from the…