The Power Salad. Healthy, fast, and a tad magical.

Fresh avocado on cutting boardI have a fallback salad for when I feel the need for energy or a health boost. It’s quick (less than 5 minutes to prepare), it has nutrients galore, and I’m pretty sure it gives my skin a supermodel-like glow.

Next time you need a jolt to get your super powers going, give this Kale salad a try.

The Power Salad

Kale, around 3 cups torn/chopped

Avocado, 1/2 of a ripe avocado

Lemon, Juice of 1 lemon

Handful of available vegetables (optional–but adds a little color and extra texture)

Seeds, 1 Tbs (feel free to substitute finely chopped nuts)

2 Eggs

Salt and fresh ground pepper

Massage the avocado in to the kale. Spend a minute or so working it in. Add the lemon juice and massage another 10 seconds of so. This acts like a dressing (a delicious one, I might add). Mix in a few grinds of salt and fresh pepper.

Cook your eggs. I like fried eggs on top, but if I am in a rush I scramble the eggs and cut them in to strips. Or use hard-boiled eggs if you are packing the salad for work.

Top the kale greens with the eggs, any extra veggies, and the seeds.

photo kale salad

Nutrition (approximate): 420 Calories (use 1/4 avocado, if you want fewer calories), 1500 mg Potassium (more than 3 bananas!), 33 gm Carbohydrates, 23 gm Protein, and 1000% Vitamin A


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