Two Paths to the Same Finish Line

Two friends take different training approaches to both reach the finish line for the Sawtooth Relay. Learn the three steps for building your own unique training plan, regardless what event you plan to do.

Sawtooth Relay

Women on Fire at the Sawtooth Relay

I used to imagine myself running in one of those crazy distance relay races somewhere up in the mountains, and on Saturday, June 8 my dream became a reality when I ran Legs 3 and 9 in the 22nd Annual Sawtooth Relay in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. The Sawtooth Relay is a 62-mile run…

Redfish Lake Memorial Day Run

Redfish 10K: A Test For the Sawtooth Relay

It was 6:30 on Saturday morning when Susan and I left Boise. Ahead of us was a three-hour, 140-mile drive on a winding mountain highway in order to reach our destination, Redfish Lake. The goal for our day trip was twofold: to complete the 10K at the Redfish Lake Memorial Day Run, and to also…

These shoes were made for running.

Group Run: Training for Sawtooth Relay

For the past 13 weeks, Susan and I have been training to run the Sawtooth Relay on June 8. There are six women on our team — Divas En Fuego, which means Women on Fire. Five of us got together yesterday for a Saturday morning group run in the foothills above Boise. Temps were in…

Sawtooth Relay

Why Not Girls of the Week

On October 24, 2012, Susan and Jennifer were featured on the Why Not Girl blog as the Why Not Girls of the Week. Check it out: Why Not Girls of the Week “Saying Why Not! to adventures in life is an amazing thing, but finding someone who can share in those experiences is priceless.  Our Why…