A Perfect Farmer’s Market Saturday

What might my perfect morning at the Farmer’s Market look like?First, a little yoga in the park. One block from the Downtown Farmer’s Market and directly in front of the Idaho Capital.

Second, a quick stop by a statue. I think Mr. Clark and I make quite a pair.

Next, coffee and a little political conversation about education “reform” (don’t get me started!?) Then, finally … the rows of veggies, fruits, plants, homemade soaps, honey, arts and crafts, and more! I was so engrossed in all the colors, flavors, and conversation that I completely forgot to take pictures. BUT, one of the highlights was learning about new plants … for instance a thick-leaved spinach plant that looks a bit like a cactus (Jennifer and I both purchased one) and a milk thistle plant which I purchased. Apparently, the milk thistle will bloom multiple times this summer, and the seeds can be eaten and are good for the liver. Who knew? (Disclaimer: please make sure to read more about it before ingesting.)

All in all, a terrific morning.


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