Story Problem for Easy Weight Loss


If a 140 lb woman walks 15 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes in the evening (perhaps walking a puppy named Pablo?), and she does this every week,  Monday – Friday, how much weight will she lose in a year? Please state your answer in pounds.

Answer: 8.9 pounds!

The math

And for those who like to show their math work:

  • 15 minutes x 2 times per day x 5 days per week x 52 weeks = 7800 minutes
  • Calories burned by 140 lb woman with 1 minute of leisurely walking: 4 calories
  • Number of calories required to lose 1 pound: 3500
  • 7800 minutes x 4 calories = 31,200 calories burned divided by 3500 calories per pound = 8.9 pounds

EXTRA CREDIT: If that same woman walked an hour each weekend, how much extra weight could she lose in that year? (60 min x 4 calories x 52 weeks/3500) = 3.5 additional pounds!

Leisurely walk, anyone?


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