Redfish 10K: A Test For the Sawtooth Relay

It was 6:30 on Saturday morning when Susan and I left Boise. Ahead of us was a three-hour, 140-mile drive on a winding mountain highway in order to reach our destination, Redfish Lake. The goal for our day trip was twofold: to complete the 10K at the Redfish Lake Memorial Day Run, and to also check out the mountain terrain and colder air temps in preparation for the Sawtooth Relay coming up in two weeks.

The scenery along Highway 21 was breathtaking. About half an hour before we reached Redfish, the Sawtooth Mountain range popped into view.

Sawtooth Mountains

Sawtooth Mountains under an overcast sky.

Since the weather man predicted race time temperatures in the 40-50 degree F range, staying warm was foremost on my mind. Long pants or capris? Beanie or no beanie? Thirty minutes before race time, the air temp was a brisk 41 degrees F. Susan and I opted to wear light, warm layers, yet many racers waiting for the starting gun were dressed in just short sleeve shirts and shorts.

Redfish 10K

41 degrees F at the starting line.

The first part of the 6.1-mile course took us along the edge of Redfish Lake.

Redfish 10K

Susan looks pretty happy to be running in the fresh mountain air.

By the three-mile mark, the sun appeared and the course quickly warmed up.

Redfish 10K

Yep, that’s Susan and Jen wearing tank tops. Long sleeves and beanies — gone.

The mountain scenery around Redfish Lake easily made this the prettiest 10K I’ve ever run. Inhaling the clean air and the scent of fragrant pines while running beneath the pure blue canopy overhead had a cleansing affect that cleared my mind and soothed my soul.

Redfish 10K

The unbeatable backdrop.

The final 200 yards of the race route was lined with dozens of beautiful American flags that waved majestically in the lakeshore breeze as they led to the finish line. I’m looking forward to running this race again next year.

Redfish Lake Memorial Day Run

Heading toward the finish line

I am hopeful the good weather will continue for the next few weeks so that running the Sawtooth Relay will be as pleasant and scenic as it was during the Redfish Lake Memorial Day Run.


2 thoughts on “Redfish 10K: A Test For the Sawtooth Relay

  1. It is great to see you were a part of a 10k even on a day most people usually just sleep in. I loved this post and the pictures. It definitely inspired me to push myself even more today. Keep up the awesome work and have a great Memorial Day 🙂

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