Pool Party Prep

All the grey winter weather we’ve been having lately has caused me to seek comfort in foods that are warm and gooey. While snacking on a plate of cheddar-covered nachos yesterday, though, it dawned on me: I have been invited to a pool party.

Four weeks from now I will be baring my flabby thighs to a dozen friends.

Or, I could bare my thighs toned, instead, if I forsake fattening snack foods for 28 days and hit the gym.

I’m going to do the later. Now I’ve got to choose: bikini or one-piece?

Running on the gym’s treadmill this afternoon I visualized myself modeling both styles of swimwear, then gracefully diving into a steaming swimming pool set amid drifts of snow. Definitely one-piece. As my iPod blasted out a high-energy playlist, I determined to achieve bathing beauty status the old fashioned way: through exercise and diet.

When I got home from the gym today my refueling snack consisted of a heap of quinoa topped with baked sweet potato, raw pecans, and a dusting of fragrant cinnamon instead of the warm familiarity of those salty, crunchy nachos that are so good at easing the greyness of winter days.

Like my co-blogger, Susan, who is having her rear end whupped by her bootcamp classes, I, too, have a one-month goal for whipping my tush into bathing suit-ready shape.

I’ll post the little victories along the way — like substituting a bowl of whole grain for a pile of oily tortilla chips, and chunks of aromatic sweet potato for lava-like flows of melted cheese — as I work toward firming my thighs and focusing on eating more seasonal produce, like sweet potatoes and the swiss chard I had tonight for dinner.

Pool party prep has begun.


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