Jennifer’s Market Basket: Green Garlic

Shopping among the many vendors at the Capitol City Farmer’s Market recently I discovered a new spring flavor: green garlic.

Green garlic

Looking like a fat scallion, green garlic is a young garlic plant that has been removed from the ground as the farmer thins out his rows, making room for the maturing plants that remain in the soil.

Green garlic has a pungent flavor that is not as sharp as a clove of raw garlic, but it isn’t as mild as a green onion, either. I sliced thinly the white part of two stalks, then added them to a scramble of sautéed beet greens and backyard chicken eggs. Surprised was I by the immature garlic’s hot bite.

For an interesting write-up about the plant, read this article at


3 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Market Basket: Green Garlic

  1. Love the article, Jen, especially the background/history. Thanks for providing the link!

    For my experiment with green garlic, I sliced the white part thinly and included it in a orange vinaigrette. Was quite tasty! Green Garlic will definitely be part of my weekly farmer’s market basket (while it’s available).

  2. Two lonely stalks of green garlic were hiding in the fridge until I found them in the bottom of the produce drawer tonight. I washed and chopped them, sauteed them for a minute in a tablespoon of butter, then added about one heavy cup of chopped brown mushrooms, a dash of kosher salt, and a few grinds of black pepper to the pan. Sauteed the mushrooms for about 8-10 minutes until all the liquor had evaporated. Intended to serve them alongside chicken cordon bleu, but Dan and I nibbled them by the spoonful straight out of the pan until — oops! — they were all gone. The sharp bite I experienced when I used green garlic in the quick-cooked beet green scramble was completely mellowed by the longer cooking time of the mushrooms.

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