2011 Recap

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and I am eagerly looking forward to a brand new year. But before I hurl myself toward the goals and plans I have for 2012, I want to take a quick peek back at a few personal highlights from 2011:

-Finally, I learned how to hula hoop at age 44.
-Resumed my college studies and got A’s in English 282 (Fiction Writing), Communication 101, and Biology 201.
-Took a blogging class in the spring and blogged consistently from April to August.
-Celebrated 26 years of marriage to the man who is truly my other half.
-Rode my bicycle as often as possible this summer using any excuse I could find: lunch downtown with a girlfriend, hitting the Saturday farmers market, the Boise Beer Festival, an autumn BSU football game, and of course the Tour De Fat bike parade.
-Laughed and chatted my way through my first mud run (with Susan at Bogus Basin).
-Settled into my third year of managing an elementary school kitchen.
-Wept tears of happy pride mixed with sadness as my youngest child moved out on his own.
-Spent our first Thanksgiving in CA with my family since moving to Idaho 19 years ago.
-Kindled a passion for singing Led Zeppelin karaoke.
Overall, it was a very good year. Here’s to a bright and bold 2012 — cheers!
First Event: Bicycling the Greenbelt

First Event: Bicycling the Greenbelt


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