The Magnet: My Superhero Persona

I just read a great blog post at It’s about   picking a super hero persona…one to help you power through your goals.

“Make the superhero version of yourself do all of the things that you’re afraid of or struggling with. Why? Because superheroes attack problems in way different ways than a normal cubicle dweller. That’s why they exist – to do stuff that ordinary people can’t.”

I love this idea. When I feel too tired to workout, my super hero won’t, when I’m discouraged, my super hero will be thinking of ways to solve problems and save the world. Kind of like an imaginary friend, but better…because it isn’t imaginary. It is just  me.

I like “The Magnet” — attracting needed energy and resources. What do you think? Who will you choose?

  • Photo Credit: iStockphoto

3 thoughts on “The Magnet: My Superhero Persona

  1. I like your idea, Susan, and enjoyed the blog post on Nerdfitness. For my super hero persona? How about Homework Girl, who is able to study unceasingly for hours at a time? This would be helpful in getting me to my goal of earning an A in Bio 202 this semester. Homework Girl! Studies at least two hours daily! Rewrites her notes after class! Completes the assigned reading before lecture! Carries an extra No. 2 pencil! I like it. I’m off to find my cape and mask. 🙂

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