Delightful Farmer’s Market Sunday Supper

Our first Sunday Supper was fantastic! Nine families comprised of 30 friends ranging in age from six to 70 gathered in a picturesque backyard to enjoy a flavorful feast and glorious early-summer weather. The pictures and menu tell it all.

Big thanks to our friend Robin, owner of B&B Photography, for taking the awesome pictures!

Farmer’s Market Sunday Supper Menu

Appetizers (clockwise from top): baskets of sliced bread, warm chevre, radishes, olives, warm chevre, frittata,  tapenade

Wedge of Petite Basque cheese and red wine

Spring salad, leek and beet green frittata, and sliced beef roast with morel-sherry cream sauce

Cranberry-stuffed olives with orange zest

The hostesses, Jennifer and Susan, serving dinner


Linguine with pesto

Take one of each: cupcakes of dark cocoa or lemon with candied lemon peel

Fragrant peonies


3 thoughts on “Delightful Farmer’s Market Sunday Supper

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