Chickens Help to Enlarge My Vegetable Garden

Expanding the vegetable plot on a beautiful, early summer day

Our living rototillers

Actually, the chickens had a little help turning over the soil

Dan doing the hard work

Fenced and planted

Resting after a busy day, and daydreaming of ripe bell peppers


6 thoughts on “Chickens Help to Enlarge My Vegetable Garden

  1. Where’s Dan’s overalls???? LOVE the pics and chickens! Allison and I want some chickens but we don’t have any room ! Some day!!!!

  2. Thank you Lisa! The chickens definitely add an element of amusement to our backyard. No matter what we are working on, they want to be right there with us. I’m glad you liked the post! 😉

  3. LOVE the expanded garden…can’t wait to watch it grow! Any tips or tricks on how to expand? Did you guys amend the soil or is that unnecessary with the chickens?

  4. Hi Susan! We simply rototilled a wide patch of soil adjacent to the existing garden. I added two tablespoons of Dr. Earth Starter Fertilizer to each hole as I planted the plants. That was it. And I’m with you — can’t wait to watch it grow. Thanks!

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