Why fashion matters

Fashion by Cheng. In hotel lobby window.

I am in NY this week for business, and staying at the Hilton NY Fashion District hotel. While eating breakfast and killing time until my room was ready (following my red-eye flight), I couldn’t help but notice the fabulous,  fashionably dressed group of women, all in black and grey, with great haircuts, at the table next to me.  They looked vibrant, and hip, and on-top-of-their-game….even when air-kissing the group of fashionable men (assuming colleagues) who sat at the table next to them.

It made me wonder…does fashion matter to the every-day gal?

I think it might.

Not so much from the “is this the season of orange” or “boas are all the rage” (though I am fairly certain that one has not happened except around Halloween), but rather for the confidence boost it provides.

Fill in the blank: 

When I wear clothes I like, I feel _______________.

I like to look good because _______________.

Obviously all of us will fill those blanks in differently…some might feel professional, others fit and athletic (who else would pay $200 for  Lululemon ensembles), others pretty. I think the right outfit gives us the “right” attitude (whatever “right” might be for you), and it ultimately boosts our confidence and helps us feel ready for our day. Heck, maybe we don’t even need Superhero personas, just the right pair of shoes.

Yes, these are mine!

Have a great day. Remember, you are (fill in the blank with a positive descriptor).


2 thoughts on “Why fashion matters

  1. I agree … what you wear does make a difference in how you feel. I feel much differently if I’m dressed as a lunch lady wearing a hair net and apron than if I’m dressed in skinny jeans and a cute top to go have dinner with my husband and friends at a hip downtown eatery.

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